I think you all now realize how fanatical I am about music, and this love has moved over into the creeper zone with the band, Southwood. My girlfriends and I stumbled upon this band when they opened for Will Hoge at Charleston’s Party at the Point. We were instantly in love with their boyish good looks, catchy beats and rowdy attitude. We lovingly entitled ourselves their biggest fans with the name of Ladywood. Sadly, this past Saturday night we attended our last Southwood show. This is now the second Charleston band that I adore that has decided to part ways. If you will recall my past post dedicated to the awesome band, Crowfield. The reason isn’t confirmed, but nevertheless it was a bittersweet night for the members of Ladywood.

Now, you all might think I’m crazy for dedicating a Wanderer post to another band break up, but I truly feel like it’s the ending of an era. We all have songs and bands that have scored nights filled of mischief, hijinks and romance. We hold bands dear to us like we would with friends and even family, and when they decide to part ways it’s almost like a breakup.

The members of Southwood probably find our band of misfits rather crazy. But with songs like Hey that played on repeat one night while LW members were making midnight trips to undisclosed locations, or Twice that might be an “our song” for couples, and of course the rowdy Hit It tune serves as a great F-you song for ex-lovers. Many of their songs were on repeat for this group and we are thankful for times that we were all together.

Woodiest of the Ladies,


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